Our organization

Our organization

An association of public utility

France Universités is an association under the French law of 1901 which brings together the executive directors of universities and higher education and research establishments in order to bring the voice and values of universities into the public debate. It currently has 115 voting members, including the university presidents, directors of the École Normale Supérieure, the INP and the INSA, and general administrators.

As a force for proposals and negotiations with the public authorities, the various higher education and research networks, economic and social partners and national and international institutions, France Universités reacts to changes in the world of higher education and research and proposes elements for transformation.

In a context of profound changes in the sector, France Universités also has a role to play in supporting presidents in their new missions and in promoting the French university and its values in France and abroad.

The Executive Committee

Composed of the President and his two Vice-Presidents, the Executive Committee, elected for 2 years, assumes a political role to guide the Association. It strives not only to channel the collective reflection and expression of the university presidents, but also to interpret and to defend the Association’s activities. It also represents the French university as a social institution in interaction with national and international stakeholders.

The current Executive Committee, re-elected through 14 December 2022, is composed of:

  • Guillaume Gellé, President,
  • Virginie Dupont, Vice President,
  • Dean Lewis, Vice President.

Executive Committee members are simultaneously university presidents and elected members of France Universités. Their election to the Executive Committee does not entitle them to any financial remuneration.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes the members of the Executive Committee:

  • Guillaume Gellé, President,
  • Virginie Dupont, Executive Committee Vice President and President of Université Bretagne Sud,
  • Dean Lewis, Executive Committee Vice President and President of Université de Bordeaux.

Additionally, the Board of Directors includes the three Council Presidents:

Additionally, the Board of Directors includes ten other university presidents:

Regular meetings

Once a month, the members of France Universités meet in Paris on the third Thursday of the month for a general assembly.

The week before this meeting, the presidents and directors participate in commissions and committees.

Finally, on Thursday afternoons, they can attend seminars and conferences organized by France Universités on topics of current interest or of prospective interest to higher education and research. Unlike the other France Universités meetings, these moments of exchange are open to the university community.

The Board also meets on the three other Thursdays of the month for working meetings on texts, proposals, projects, motions, and documents for use in the plenary meetings.

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