‘Think Education’ and Scientific Research, January 24-26, 2023
France Universités

‘Think Education’ and Scientific Research, January 24-26, 2023

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Think Education 2023 is an opportunity to “share innovations, debate issues and expand your network”. Organized by News Tank Media, the theme of this 8th edition will be, “Reasons for Being: missions, solutions, transitions for Higher Education and Research”.

Students in need of guidance after the health crisis, young graduates who are “branching off”, academic careers that are losing their attractiveness, a need to recruit high-level support staff, the urgency of leading the ecological and social transition …


Higher education, both public and private, is facing major changes and must find the means to adapt. Its (many) assigned missions – including training, job placement, research, the promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge, European integration, and international cooperation – are all subject to changing expectations among students, stakeholders, and society at large.


Providing lifelong training to diverse populations in a rapidly changing world, giving them the keys to adapt to the societal transitions underway, producing scientific research for a sustainable world and making campuses a catalyst for solutions for a sustainable world: these challenges force institutions to question their methods, their teaching, their organization… in short, their “raison d’être”.

These are the topics that will be discussed with speakers and partners during the 2023 edition of Think Education and Research.

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