Permanent Staff
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Permanent Staff

France Universités : date de publication

    France Universités counts on permanent staff to carry out its missions in Paris and Brussels, under the leadership of its executive officer, the Delegate General:

    Marie-Cécile NAVES, Interim Delegate General

    The Cabinet

    Chief of Staff: Tania MARTINS VIEIRA

    Deputy Chief of Staff: Sihame AZZOUZI


    Géraldine BECQUET, Project Manager Assistant

    Cristina JOAQUIM, Project Manager Assistant


    Carle BONAFOUS-MURAT, Permanent Delegate in Brussels

    Johanne FERRY-DÉLY, Advisor, Public Relations and Communication

    Jean-Luc NAHEL, Advisor, International Relations

    Kevin NEUVILLE, Advisor, Institutional and Parliamentary Relations


    Michel DELLACASAGRANDE, Consultant

    Bernard DIZAMBOURG, Consultant

    Paul INDELICATO, Consultant

    Yves LICHTENBERGER, Consultant

    Nicole MENAGER, Consultant

    Bernard SAINT-GIRONS Consultant

    Project Managers

    Marie-Amélie CUNY, Project Manager

    Thomas DUCADOS, Project Manager

    Annie EDERY COGAN, Project Manager

    Florence EGLOFF, Project Manager

    Céline LEROY, Project Manager

    Déborah LEVY, Project Manager

    Sibylle ROCHAS, Project Manager

    Virginie SÉMENT, Project Manager

    France Universités in Brussels

    Carle BONAFOUS-MURAT, Permanent Delegate in Brussels

    Eric FOUCHER, Project Manager, European Relations

    Mathilde MORGAT, Project Manager, European Relations

    Anne-Marie QUELIN, Project Manager Assistant

    Administrative and Financial Office

    Hervé CELESTIN, Administrative and Financial Officer

    Marc MOCKEL

    Samia EL BERKAOUI, Assistant, Administration and Accounts Management

    Public Relations Office

    Johanne FERRY-DÉLY, Advisor, Public Relations and Communication

    Marine LOPES, Communications Officer, Scientific Communication

    Laure MAROT, Communications Officer, Editor

    Xavier TEISSEDRE, Communications Officer

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