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Becoming a great scientific nation for the benefit of society

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    As the leading force in the research and innovation sector, the public university system has nearly 92,000 research faculty, 74,000 doctoral students, and more than 3,000 research laboratories in all fields of study. The excellence of French university research is regularly recognized at an international level. We are intent to maintain that excellence.

    Today, the links between science and society are weakened. Science is regularly threatened and denigrated. France Universités strives to reconcile the two sides.

    Building confidence in science

    France Universités strives to rebuild trust in science by promoting the incredible research potential of universities and by making the fight against all “fake news” and conspiracy theories one of its priorities. France Universités is committed to ensuring that relations between “Science and Society” are recognized as a major thematic issue within the governance of its members. The subject has gained traction internationally with the creation of the Maison de la Recherche Joliot-Curie in Brussels, Belgium, of which France Universités is a member.

    Ensuring the attractiveness of scientific careers

    France Universités strives to make scientific careers more attractive by promoting fair pay for research faculty and doctoral students. We raise public awareness about scientific careers and try to generate interest among young girls particularly.

    Promoting and transferring research for the benefit of all

    To develop the territories, France Universités knows that science must go hand in hand with research partnerships, technology transfer and innovation. This model is fully in line with the national government’s France 2030 plan, which covers the stages of fundamental research, ranging from the emergence of an idea to its support and accompaniment, up to the final stages where a new good, product or service may result.

    Defending scientific integrity and academic freedom

    And because university research must be detached from any external interference in order to be innovative and free, France Universités defends academic freedom, which is often undermined throughout the world, as well as scientific integrity, which is essential to rigorous research.

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